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Find your passion, pursue your purpose and make your mark on the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to free people from The Matrix. Said another way, we want to end the poverty of poor mindset. We are very aware of how vague that is, and I will punch myself in the mouth if all we succeed in doing is motivating people. That holds no interest for us as a team, and perhaps least of all for me as an individual. We want to build things directly, and help others build things that solve what we believe to be the world’s biggest challenges. That’s why we’ll be running this company like an economic engine and not a non-profit. That is the only way for us to control our own destiny and not approach the world with our hand out. Additionally, the market gives instant and brutal feedback as to whether or not you’re delivering value. That forces you to get very specific, very fast.

Our Plan

We will be taking a phased approach over the next 5 years to building a company that’s designed to last. After the success of Quest Nutrition, I could have bought an island and retired, but that’s not the game I want to play. I believe that life is about the acquisition of skills and putting those skills to the test in service of something bigger than oneself. So Lisa and I doubled down and founded Impact Theory. As a team, It! is a group of people who believe in their ability to effect real change, and hold themselves accountable to doing so. As a collective, we are prepared to break ourselves in half to realize our shared vision. That vision breaks down as follows:

Create/cultivate and monetize two things:

  1. Mission-based companies that are focused on solving meaningful challenges
  2. Impactful, culturally-relevant content in both the arenas of traditional “entertainment as mythology” and the modern social variant of entertainment as education.

Execution Phase One

Impact Theory the show and community building. Having a great product and building a thriving community focused on a set of core values and celebrating transformation was how we built Quest Nutrition. It’s an undertaking we at It! know very well, and something we will be laser focused on. In fact, community building will be our number one priority in phase one. The main way we plan to build the community is by creating world-class free content that will help people become the best version of themselves and make clear what our ideology is. The main tent pole of our content ecosystem is Impact Theory the show, but we will have a host of other content that spins off of that show. Ultimately we will also have other content that is unrelated to Impact Theory the show, but is still ideologically connected. To us, it is critically important that the community be galvanized around a set of values, as this will be a key part of phase two.

Execution Phase Two

Taking the hunt for companies and content beyond the walls of It!. Technology will almost certainly play a role here, but our job is going to be to identify, and then buy or incubate, the companies and culturally-relevant content that will help us free people from The Matrix. This is where the community will come in. They will be the ones who up-vote the ideas that they believe are worthy of being taken to the next level. We will watch for vitality within our community.

Execution Phase Three

Building and selling. Once we’ve identified the first wave of companies and content that we’re going to get behind, we begin building and publishing. This is where the rubber meets the road and where we’ll really be able to differentiate ourselves. Having spent the last 14 years building two dramatically different companies (including Quest Nutrition, which ultimately ranked #2 on the Inc. 500), I know what it takes to learn an industry from scratch and get something off the ground. I’ve also witnessed first-hand the value of a strong mission and the way social media and content in general allow you to leverage your mission as your most effective marketing. Our team will be utilizing their experience as brand builders, marketers and content creators to help gain awareness for our creators, products, and portfolio companies. And as always, our selection criteria will be that the people and ideas that we back are things worth building.

Our Ethos

We believe that human potential is nearly limitless—that success is reached not through fortune or happenstance, but through hard work, determination, and the ongoing process of self-transformation. We believe the best way to change your position in life is through immediate action. That anyone at any moment can acquire new skills. That the journey is the destination. That every person has something unique to offer the world. That wellness is self-mastery of the mind as well as the body.

Ours is a vision in which people don’t just shuffle through the day to day, but seize each moment to create something meaningful and lasting. In which our greatest social, economic, and medical challenges are solved because more people have the courage and audacity to dream bigger than what was previously thought possible and back it up with execution. In this community, you’ll be judged not just by your intentions, but also by your results.

We are the Bat Symbol in the sky calling all those who share our vision for how the world could be if everyone believed in themselves and had a willingness to acquire the skills necessary to achieve what they want to achieve in life.

Our goal is to give people around the world the tools and knowledge they need to realize their potential, alter their mindset, and execute on their dreams. We are at once a platform for empowering content, a community of conscientious creators, and an accelerator for the ideas, content and companies of tomorrow that will positively change the world.

Join us on our mission to make real, lasting Impact.

Tom Bilyeu, CEO and Host of Impact Theory

Team Impact Theory

Tom Bilyeu

CEO and Chairman of Transformation.

I’m a relentless agent for change, here to see how far I can push my own potential and the potential of others. I used to think I was Morpheus or Neo, now I know I’m the White Rabbit. My job is to simply show you how deep the rabbit hole really goes. The rest will be up to you. I’ll consider mine a life well lived if we can pull people out of the Matrix by positively impacting the direction of the culture at large. I believe that’s done through two things: 1. The creation of, financing for and mentoring of mission-based businesses and entrepreneurs and 2. The creation of media properties of all types that tell empowering stories.

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