By Tom Bilyeu

The Impact Theory Belief System in 25 Bullet Points:

1. Human potential is nearly limitless.

2. Personal growth is the highest priority of Impactivists.

3. You can acquire new skills in any area at any time.

4. It requires focus and disciplined practice to acquire new skills.

5. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, without limitation.

6. #5 is a lie. But it’s an empowering lie. Impactivists do and believe that which empowers us.

7. It doesn’t matter who you are today. It only matters who you want to become and how hard you are willing to work to become that person.

8. See beyond your current self to the opportunity of becoming the best version of yourself.

9. The Impact Theory Community is a safe place to make mistakes.

10. Mistakes are a great teacher to those who are willing to admit that they’ve made one.

11. Share the lessons learned from your mistakes with your fellow Impactivists.

12. Failure is temporary. Move quickly beyond it.

13. Everyone has something to teach you. Learn from whomever you can.

14. Impactivists do not make excuses. Ever.

15. Any obstacle can be overcome. See #14.

16. Building your self-esteem around being right all the time will lead to poor decision-making.

17. Build your self-esteem around identifying the right answer and pursuing it faster than anyone else.

18. Have VERY clear goals.

19. Do that which moves you toward your goals.

20. Do NOT do that which moves you away from your goals.

21. Only work in an environment that is moving you towards your goals.

22. Impactivists are Linchpins who work hard, smart, and long hours. See #21.

23. Passion will help you keep fighting to reach your goals when things get difficult. Center your life around your passion.

24. Impactivists motivate and inspire those around them.

25. Adhere to the Physics of Progress

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