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The Real Secret to a Healthy Mind and Body | Aaron Alexander on Health Theory

By December 19, 2019 Health Theory

Manual therapist and movement coach Aaron Alexander knows that better health is inseparable from deep healing. As a result, he helps people align their mind, body, environment, posture and movement, achieving incredible results. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Aaron Alexander details exactly how to change a multitude of small aspects of your life to become physically and mentally healthier. Along the way he tells his own family story of a father addicted to crack cocaine, advocates dancing and just hanging, and discusses how to deal with the stress that seems to overwhelm modern life.



Aaron talks about how body language, posture and dance affect the brain [1:08]

Tom and Aaron discuss how music causes physical and emotional state change [3:26]

Aaron describes the focus of rolfing, and getting the body into alignment [5:17]

Aaron and Tom discuss how changing your facial expression changes your emotions [8:20]

Aaron has benefited from psychedelics and they have helped him deal with the ego [11:10]

Aaron practices compassion by going past surface level conversation and connecting [13:54]

Aaron advocates becoming more childlike in certain ways [16:03]

Aaron talks about some of the “diseases of affluence” like sitting too much [19:05]

Aaron strongly advocates spending some time each day hanging [23:17]

Aaron and Tom discuss “micro-opportunities” to live in a more pre-modern way [25:51]

Aaron shares the story of watching his father become addicted to crack [28:20]

You can’t teach what you know. You can only teach what you are. [31:20]

Aaron describes how he uses stillness and meditation [32:01]

Aaron and Tom discuss the importance of admitting what’s going wrong [36:24]

Aaron shares the one change he would have people make to improve their health [40:21]

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