Allison Maslan

How to Start Over When You Don’t Know What to Do

This week’s guest on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu is Allison Maslan.  Allison is an American entrepreneur, business mentor, homeopath, and author. She is the executive producer and host of her online television show, Allie & You. In this episode, she talks about how a near-death experience forced her to change her life, the importance of self-care, and the traits necessary for success.


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How Allison Maslan grew up as a gymnast and was not thinking about business [2:54]


Why you need a good kicking [5:53]


What happens when you stop fearing embarrassment [6:49]


You have to be conscious of change in your life and want it [8:30]


How to overcome the stuck-ness  [9:23]


The wild story of running herself over with a car and how it was a massive wake up call in her life [11:12]


Allison’s advice for people who are in a shitty relationship [13:50]


The #1 trait that’s made her successful [15:40]


Her process for being persistent, and go ahead to learn things [16:55]


Ask for help is smart – it’s not a sign of weakness [19:00]


Why her decisions come down to either a “hell yes” or a “no way” [19:48]


How to get clear on what you need in life? [21:30]


Why is self care important?  And what’s the crossover between life and work? [24:40]


How homeopathic medicine changed her life and added clarity, confidence and excitement to her life. [25:56]


Allison’s biggest tip for effective self care [29:27]


Why she only does things that make her happy [30:09]


People don’t realize the value of their story and how important stories are [31:30]


Why you need to get out of victim mode  [33:19]


Why you have to stay in the game of business even when you don’t see the results happening [34:55]


Transcendental meditation and the struggle she has with it [35:30]


The impact she wants to have in the world is [37:28]


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