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Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke on Why You Shouldn't Let Others Slow Down Your Drive

Each of us are walking a unique path towards our individual goals and dreams. It may not seem clear now, but ultimately with enough drive, confidence, and intention, you will reach the finish line. Still, there will be many dark valleys and periods of adversity along the way. Who should you be leaning on to find strength and support during these times, how do you push through them, and where do you find the confidence to keep going as they repeatedly happen? Former Fifth Harmony member and now solo-artist and author, Ally Brooke, joins Tom Bilyeu on this episode of Impact Theory to discuss such matters and more as they explore Ally’s journey into the music industry, how she pushed through times of adversity, and why you should hold onto a mustard seed of faith and never give up. They discuss Ally’s early roots, the drive she had when breaking into the industry, how she held onto her self-identity through it all, the importance of owning your own confidence, being intentional, and why giving up is never an option.

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Journey | Ally discusses her journey of rising to fame as a teen. [0:37]

Dreams | Ally reveals the dream she had early on and how it differed to her reality. [4:07]

Drive | Ally discusses the image she had in her head as a child that drove her to succeed. [9:45]

Identity | Ally reveals how she’s held onto her self-identity through the hard times. [12:52]

Rebuilding | Ally discusses how she built herself in a new-positive direction. [16:43]

Faith | Ally shares what “having a mustard seed of faith” means. [19:48]

Shifted | Ally discusses how and when things can be turned around during dark times. [20:52]

Confidence | Ally shares how your confidence shouldn’t rely on validation from others. [22:43]

Intention | Ally shares the careful intentions she had throughout her creative process. [23:54]

Never Giving Up | Ally shares the mentality and choices it takes to never giving up. [29:16]

Connect | Ally shares how you can continue to connect and follow her. [31:45]




“I’m going to choose to listen to my fans who are supporting me and telling me to love myself. I’m going to choose to listen to my parents and them saying the same thing. I’m going to choose to listen to that deeper voice inside of me that says, “Turn it off, don’t believe the lies.”” [14:00]


“Sometimes you just have to ride it out. Like, it doesn’t mean the next day will be better, it doesn’t even mean the next month or maybe even the next year. But, just ride it out and have that mustard seed of faith.” [18:44]


“Knowing that you cannot just survive, but thrive. In the end, it’s incredible and things can change.” [28:33]







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