Amanda Nguyen

How to Go from Feeling Powerless to Changing the World

By December 4, 2019 Women of Impact

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Amanda Nguyen has achieved stunning success passing legislation to protect the civil rights of rape survivors. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Amanda Nguyen describes exactly what motivated her to take on the entire legal system and its double standards about sexual assault. Along the way, she describes the importance of radical empathy, details exactly how to stay centered on your own internal compass, and advocates just showing up and being present.



Amanda details the experience of going through a rape kit and its legal aftermath [3:36]

Amanda describes being betrayed by the criminal justice system [6:32]

Amanda asks why evidence from murder trials is never destroyed, but rape kits are [9:57]

Outrage fueled Amanda, but it didn’t sustain her. Hope sustains movements. [11:22]

What is the difference between referring to people as victims versus survivors? [14:31]

The difference between having a dream and having hope is having a plan [15:28]

Amanda describes her internal compass, her North Star [16:50]

Amanda explains how incredible optimism and outrage helped her deal with politics [17:47]

Amanda talks about radical empathy, clear objectives and staying grounded [20:14]

Amanda advocates the importance of just showing up and being present [24:27]

Amanda deals with pressure simply by reminding herself that it’s not about her [27:15]

Amanda talks about having already had two heart surgeries [29:36]

Other survivors have been inspired by Amanda’s organization Rise to advocate [33:40]

Amanda describes the experience of being seen as nothing more than a victim [35:38]

Amanda talks about believing in democracy and running an efficient campaign [36:51]

Amanda shares her superpower [40:35]








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