Andy Galpin

How Technology Can Keep You Weak & Age You Faster

By June 6, 2019 Health Theory

Dr. Andy Gaplin is the creator of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at CSU Fullerton, as well as their Director of Sports Performance. His studies prove that most people don’t fully understand the influence exercise habits, food consumption, and technology usage have on your long-term health performance. The co-author of Unplugged: Evolve From Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness Performance and Consciousness joins us to explain why awareness is the key to living a longer, healthier life.




Andy explains why consciousness is crucial in our relationship with technology. [1:31]

Andy and Tom discuss the challenge of using technology to tailor a healthy lifestyle. [6:55]

Andy lists workout changes and strategies that can lead to a healthier life. [10:45]

Andy breaks down some big contributors to life longevity and wellness. [13:53]

Andy explains the important role sleep and other fundamental health functions play in your life. [21:17]

Andy touches on the power your mindset has in physical health management. [25:14]

Andy talks about the dangers of a fragile health system and how to train against it. [29:53]

Andy dives into some fruit and vegetable insight and myths. [35:00]

Andy gives advice on how to make the biggest impact on your health. [46:15]



“If you can’t then understand your own physiology to a level where you can fix that without needing more technology, you’re gonna fail. That’s a short game. And I want you to play the long game.” [5:49]


“The first thing would be simply becoming aware of what’s happening. And the easiest way to do that is to decrease the amount of external stimuli coming in, and just being with your own self  as much as possible” [4:13]


“And what we know very clearly is the plasticity within the muscle, n other words, its ability to change its composition, changes really rapidly. So if you haven’t strength trained on anything heavy in weeks, decades, I’m not surprised you have a hard time regulating that ’cause that’s what it’s primarily there for.” [18:08]


“There’s a difference between variation in our training and randomization. Randomization is not a good idea. There’s no plan. There’s no purpose.” [18:37]


“What is magic for sleep is consistency for the most part. What I don’t want people to be is slightly consistently underslept.” [22:04]


“I don’t want people to be fragile. Not handling any unplanned stress. If you can’t handle any unplanned stress in any aspect of your life and a little bit of stress, causes a big problem.” [29:56]


“Some people got a good draw and made bad choices. Some people got a really, really tough draw. Okay. What are you gonna do about it? You still have an option. You still kind of have some control but you have to make that choice.” [46:43]










Biomedical and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory at CSU Fullerton – [1:07]



Unplugged: Evolve From Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness Performance and Consciousness – [1:18]




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