Andy Walshe

The Bleeding Edge of Human Optimization

Meet the man, Dr. Andy Walshe, who led the performance team for Red Bull Stratos — the group that helped Felix Baumgartner with his record-breaking jump to Earth from the stratosphere. For over 20 years, Andy has developed custom programs that help elite athletes unleash their potential by moving them away from their comfort zones in the most unique and uncommon ways. This episode delivers some intriguing insights as Andy shares his passion for precision performance in this episode of Impact Theory.

Andy Walshe on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

“No matter what you’re trying to achieve, if you’re best-in-class, you redefine that space for everybody else.”
— Andy Walshe



Andy describes his passion for optimizing human performance and creating anchoring moments. [2:43]

Andy explains Project Acheron and how it pushes people in obtuse and uncommon ways. [5:54]

Tom and Andy discuss relying on the wisdom of the ancients and suffering as keys to self-actualization. [8:51]

Andy goes deep into the training evolution and translating simple challenges into learning opportunities. [16:10]

Andy reveals commonalities among the mindsets of elite performers. [21:35]

Andy communicates the importance of creativity, how to measure it, and how to optimize it. [24:55]

Tom and Andy further explore character training and the dark side of success. [30:22]

Andy addresses the cycle of human optimization and how it relates to augmentation. [34:06]

Andy dives into robotic-level prosthetics, the human 2.0 conversation, and AI (artificial intelligence). [38:31]

Andy addresses precision performance benchmarking programs to carve your own path. [44:06]

Andy discloses the practical and spiritual principles he’s learned and put to use. [48:09]

Tom and Andy discuss the role that nutrition plays in human optimization. [52:00]

Andy describes the impact that he wants to have on the world. [55:08]




Felix Baumgartner — [1:56]

David Goggins — [10:30]

Hugh Herr — [38:22]

Elon Musk — [40:21]

Ray Kurzweil — [40:33]



Red Bull Stratos — [1:55]

Project Acoran — [5:44]



Bushido code — [8:40]

Singularity — [40:35]









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