Anna Yusim

This Doctor Explains Why You Feel Empty and How to Change

By July 24, 2019 Women of Impact

How do you live authentically? How do you get to a place where you hear your own true voice, where you stop living according to what other people think you should do, and where you stop making the same mistakes over and over again? Psychologist and world traveller Anna Yusim devotes her life to helping people answer these kinds of questions. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Anna illustrates how to set boundaries, deal with the troubles in life that just keep coming back, and live an authentic, fulfilled life.


Anna discusses the masks we wear and why we adopt them [2:53]

Anna explains how to find your true, inner, quiet voice [4:16]

Anna tells her own story [6:55]

Lisa and Anna discuss how people often display the opposite emotions that they feel [8:48]

Take baby steps to get rid of the “shoulds” [10:43]

Anna describes soul corrections and soul contributions [11:46]

Anna explains how to find the person you will be fulfilled with [14:54]

Whatever bothers us in other people is a reflection of ourselves [16:56]

Anna describes repetition compulsions, when awful things keep happening [18:15]

How to deal with denial [19:33]

Anna explains what it really takes to change [21:00]

Anna and Lisa discuss boundaries [23:20]

Anna illuminates how strong boundaries bring people closer [25:00]

Anna and Lisa discuss specifically mother/daughter boundaries [28:08]

Anna explains how to love yourself as you are and still improve [32:18]

Anna defines the soul as inter-connectedness and purpose [34:00]

Anna describes the placebo effect and its opposite, the “nocebo” effect [35:00]

Anna shares 3 things people should do immediately to live authentically [38:43]

Anna shares her superpower [40:10]







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