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Ben Greenfield defies easy categorization. A science freak and renowned functional medicine practitioner, he is also deeply spiritual with a profound faith in God. That means there are some times when he and Tom are on exactly the same path, and others where they see the world in dramatically different ways. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Ben Greenfield and Tom Bilyeu explore both the differences and the connections. Their discussion travels into fascinating and often hilarious territory as they talk about everything from raising children with love and logic to optimizing sex and the unexpected consequences of fecal transplants. 



Ben describes stealing a bottle of bourbon from his father’s office [0:45]

“In our house, there are no rules.” Ben describes love and logic. [2:35]

Tom wonders how his Mom prevented him from doing stupid things [7:18]

Ben talks about how small doses of things like alcohol can be good [8:22]

Tom questions how much the benefit of wine is social [11:32]

Ben recommends Cyrax laboratories for functional medicine testing [14:02]

Ben discusses how autoimmune conditions are caused by all sorts of things [15:09]

Tom and Ben discuss Lisa’s chronic illness and peptides [15:44]

Tom and Ben discuss treatments to clear brain fog and increase energy [20:11]

Ben talks about an app that improves memory [23:37]

Ben goes into depth on the LL37 peptide and talks gut health [28:32]

Ben describes combining anti-inflammatory remedies with exercise [35:05]

There are fewer people in prisons because we have gyms [39:29]

Ben talks about which exercises improve longevity the most [46:28]

Ben and Tom discuss world records for things like push-ups [50:51]

Ben talks about his ideal physique and diet [52:58]

Ben and his family love cooking and their dinners are a big production [57:43]

Ben finds confidence and comfort in spirituality, and having hope [58:53]

Tom wonders what Ben imagines when he talks about soul and spirit [1:02:42]

Ben discusses eye-gazing [1:07:17]

Tom talks about why he does not connect with spirituality [1:08:37]

Tom and Ben discuss how physical changes cause mental and spiritual shifts [1:13:03]

Ben believes there is a divine purpose to life, to love as deeply as possible [1:16:31]

Ben hasn’t hurt himself much as a biohacker [1:23:43]

Ben and Tom discuss why you might want to avoid supplements [1:26:21]

Ben talks about fecal transplants and their surprising range of effects [1:28:03]

Ben explains his “bastardized” version of the carnivore diet [1:32:42]

Health food companies need to make healthy versions of comfort foods [1:38:04]

Ben describes the methods he uses to create boundless energy [1:39:44]

How to optimize sex. [1:41:37]

Ben and Tom talk about the spiritual side of sex [1:47:27]

Ben explains how we can detect electrical fields produced by others [1:55:00]

Ben and Tom discuss that sharks detect electricity and humans see light [1:59:12]

Ben had to cut out of Boundless advice on mitigating the effect of partying [2:03:29]

Ben talks about how he weaves science and survivalism into his fiction [2:05:08]

Tom tells the story of how Impact Theory came about [2:07:54]








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