Ben Pakulski

This “Bodybuilding Yogi” Explains Why Mindset Trumps All

By June 20, 2019 Health Theory

Ben Pakulski, the “body-building Yogi”, has accomplished plenty in his storied fitness career. But he eventually realized that all the external accomplishments did not result in fulfillment. Now he is even more dedicated to fitness than he ever was before, with a deeper commitment that connects body, mind and soul. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, listen as Ben Pakulski explains why you need to do exactly that which you believe you cannot do.





Ben explains why he is a “body-building Yogi” [1:18]

Why does Ben say “we are all Love?”  [5:28]

Ben defines integrity  [7:07]

Ben laments the fitness industry;s extreme ego-centrism  [8:46]

Ben explains the importance of training, sleep and stress-reduction  [12:15]

Ben describes how stress affects eating, digestion, sleep and fitness  [14:58]

If you really want to succeed it’s going to take way more than you think  [20:34]

Ben talks about creating the person he wants to be  [23:54]

Ben explains how he embodies the person he has to become in each situation  [26:07]

Ben explains how he deals with self-doubt  [28:40]

If there’s something hard in your life, it’s because you need to grow  [30:15]

Ben and Tom discuss death  [31:33]

What is the champion’s mindset?  [33:02]

Ben advocates solitude and directly facing your pain to find your passion  [35:02]

You have to choose either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret  [36:09]

Ben shares his family story, and that he never let his history hold him back  [38:32]

Ben explains how to use small victories to build fitness habits  [40:04]

Ben recommends a basic dietary regimen  [43:19]

Ben discusses seasonal changes to diet  [45:20]

Ben explains why he avoids chicken and turkey and prefers wild meats  [46:52]

Ben talks about why he doesn’t usually tell people to count calories  [47:44]

Ben describes work-outs that burn fat better than cardio does  [48:47]

Where to find Ben online  [50:00]

Ben describes the one change he’d most like to see people make  [51:07]












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