Brenda Gilbert

How to Align Yourself With Great People in Work & Life

By June 5, 2019 Women of Impact

Brenda Gilbert is the Co-founder and President of Hollywood Powerhouse BRON Studios with a resume that most people only dream of. In this episode, the woman behind industry reshaping movies like Wonder Woman and Isn’t It Romantic speaks on why spotlighting stories and voices of the underserved will be the best part of her legacy.



Brenda explains how her childhood traits and experiences influenced her life path. [3:25]

Brenda speaks on the importance and power of persistence. [7:00]

Brenda explores how she broke into Hollywood without conforming to norms. [10:05]

Brenda and Lisa discuss what it’s like being a business partner with your husband. [11:22]

Brenda describes being a female leader in the industry. [17:51]

Brenda speaks about the importance of giving everyone a voice. [19:45]

Brenda on the influence hard work has on your career and others [24:43]

Brenda touches on the importance of female-centric movies and stories. [27:24]

Brenda details balancing ambition with satisfaction while avoiding burnout. [31:57]

Brenda shares her long term goals and plans. [36:27]

Brenda describes what her superpowers are. [39:08]



“I call it ‘The Three or Four P’s’ so the passion, the art form, that’s what gets me up in the morning and to drive me to do what I’m doing; the perseverance, the patience, and the persistence because in this industry I’ve been told it’s much more riskier than the stocks.” [5:28]


“That’s the key for me to be driven and motivated. Not just the passion for what I do but the passion for life and for people.” [7:46]


“Being complacent has no place in my world” [9:35]


“As a female I feel that we’ve been undermined time and time again and I feel we have to join hands. You know, we’re collaborators, we’re friends, we’re colleagues, and we need to support each other. We need to provide each other with platforms and opportunities. That’s what’s really really important.” [17:58]


“We need to have realistic role models and if women can see it then they feel they can be it so your onscreen reality can be your offscreen reality as well.” [28:48]


“I think if we think of things as being obstacles we’re gonna think we can’t get through it, we can’t do what we want to do in life and that’s gonna stop us right there. I think that if we really provide a supportive network for people and a place to go and to help and it starts with the young people in particular.” [37:40]











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