Chase Jarvis

How to Become More Creative

Many people think of themselves as being uncreative, or “bad” at creative activities. Chase Jarvis argues not only that creativity is a practice, a habit and a muscle, but that creativity is biologically necessary and a requirement for joy. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Chase Jarvis and Tom Bilyeu discuss everything from the purpose of life, to quantum physics, to the disturbing fact that which zipcode they grew up in determines so much of people’s life paths.


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Show Notes


Tom and Chase discuss inflammatory posts and dark energy on the internet  [0:34]

Chase talks about creativity as a habit and a practice [5:40]

Chase claims that creativity is a biological necessity [8:35]

Tom and Chase discuss how people lose their creativity [11:49]

Chase clarifies that he promotes the simple awareness of creativity [16:43]

Chase wonders if love is a muscle like creativity is [18:14]

What is the no-BS answer to how to live a fulfilling life? [20:00]

Chase claims that much of our psychology is determined when we are kids [24:06]

Tom talks about desperately wanting to see other people win [29:40]

Chase advocates that unlocking creativity is the key to social transformation [34:05]

What is the purpose of life? [37:44]

Chase talks about the problems with being a type-A personality [40:15]

What is a more fulfilling life? [43:35]

Tom and Chase discuss intuition, awareness and knowing when to quit [46:22]

Tom and Chase discuss whether you need to base your ideas on biology [51:51]

Chase riffs on quantum physics and mysticism [57:41]

Chase describes the philosophy of science and degrees of falsehood [1:01:55]

Chase and Tom talk about how to build up culture [1:02:23]

Tom discusses ways to shut off parts of the brain and people can draw better [1:08:50]

Tom and Chase discuss the necessity of creating tons of bad content [1:13:33]

Chase talks about why being a bad writer was actually therapeutic [1:20:11]

“Is it working? Do I love it?” [1:24:34]

Tom puts forward the thesis that most people don’t really want anything [1:29:17]

Tom and Chase discuss how hard it is to hear the voice of intuition [1:32:17]

Tom advocates telling everyone what you are up to [1:38:22]

Chase and Tom discusses AI painting and photography [1:42:32]

Chase and Tom discuss how important it is to understand the mechanics of anything [1:47:49]


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