Cindy Eckert

How This Female Billionaire Turned Rejection Into Big Business

By July 17, 2019 Women of Impact

Cindy Eckert developed a female sexual desire drug, and then sold the company that she founded for a billion dollars. When the buyers didn’t fulfill their promise to promote the drug, she took the company back (without paying a dime.) Bold enough to take on the FDA and empathetic enough to listen to her most ardent detractors, Cindy Eckert is the perfect entrepreneur to take on the medical industry and male-dominated culture in general. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Cindy Eckert discusses business, sexuality and female empowerment.


Cindy describes how common female sexual dysfunction is [3:27] Cindy tells the story about how the female desire drug came about [5:50] Cindy explains why she fought so hard to get the drug on the market [7:45] Cindy says that injustice is what fuels her and the results of that motivation [11:16] Cindy explains why she sold the company she founded [13:07] Cindy talks about whether being a woman has helped or hindered her in business [16:34] Cindy discusses the role of empathy in getting the drug approved by the FDA [19:29] Cindy explains how she got her company back after selling it [21:30] Cindy describes launching the drug [24:35] Cindy discusses sexuality being part of the human experience [27:36] Cindy explains why the FDA pushed back so hard against the drug [29:35] Cindy and Lisa discuss the importance of listening and perspective [34:03] Cindy advocates that women talk more about money and power [38:27] Cindy explains the sort of companies she supports [42:27] Cindy shares her superpower [45:08]



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