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6 Extraordinary Women on Overcoming Stereotypes

Many people spend their lives trying to fit in to their cultural narrative, their family’s expectations, or their social circle’s trends. But fitting in is rarely the path to success or happiness. In honor of International Women’s Day, this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu focuses on six extraordinary women who defied stereotypes, refused to fit in, and made a pronounced impact on the world as a result. Andrea Navedo, Anousheh Ansari, Noor Tagouri, Sabrina Kay, Brenda Gilbert and Najwa Zebian share their incredible stories of overcoming failures, outperforming expectations, and living a life true to themselves and their own deepest convictions.



Andrea Navedo believes that as a youth she needed to see herself reflected in culture [3:22]

Do you want to try, and take the risk of failure, or not try and have failure guaranteed? [5:47]

Anousheh Ansari says there are always problems, but she looks for the solutions [8:12]

Anousheh explains why she always focuses on taking the next step [11:02]

Noor Tagouri explains why she chose to wear the hijab [13:14]

Noor’s parents always encouraged her to become a journalist [18:07]

Sabrina Kay describes the pressure to marry the perfect man, and become a mother [19:17]

Sabrina’s ambition and resilience was actually driven by fear of failure [22:32]

Brenda Gilbert shares a story of standing up to a bully and what it taught her [24:29]

Brenda is driven not just by the passion for her career, but by passion for other people [27:40]

Najwa Zebian describes home as the place where you can be unapologetically yourself [29:31]

Najwa never associated with other students in school [31:37]

Najwa struggled for a long time with accepting that painful things had happened to her [33:21]



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