Constance Schwartz-Morini

Listen to This Business Woman’s Secret to Success

By February 6, 2019 Women of Impact

Constance Schwartz is the founder of SMAC entertainment where she manages talent like Michael Strahan, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg.  She’s also a producer of television and serves as a strategic advisor to the entertainment industry. In this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, she talks about how to control your emotions in pivotal situations, how to find fulfillment and success in your career, and why it pays to have a chip on your shoulder.



How to use that chip on your shoulder to your advantage [02:32]

Why women have to command their place in the business world [04:40]

How Constance got Snoop Dogg’s attention [06:45]

Do you have luck or are you just a hustler? [08:41]

Why talking down to yourself can actually encourage you [09:52]

The worst moment Constance had to overcome in her career [12:33]

Why Constance doesn’t give her employees titles [14:20]

The reason Constance left the NFL [15:00]

How to process failure after taking a risk [16:38]

Are you too early for a trend or is it just a bad idea? [18:04]

Why Constance treats her employees like family [21:59]

How to earn respect AND command it [25:17]

The best way to handle defeat [27:35]

Why you always need to invest in yourself, even if you are capable of being a top earner [29:33]

The realities making sacrifices in entrepreneurship [32:19]

How to “stay sober” when looking at business opportunities that are wrong for you [34:04]

Why you shouldn’t be offended when people go to your business partner for answers [35:44]

The strategies Constance uses to keep her pace [37:30]

The future for Smac Entertainment [42:01]

Constance’s superpower [46:05]







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