Crystal Dilworth

The Science of Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Crystal Dilworth is proving that STEM is for anyone willing to dive headlong into the unknown. Her amazing TEDx talk, delivered in skinny jeans and neon green heels, has gained nearly 100K views and destroys the longstanding myth of the frumpy and unhip scientist. Leveraging the discipline she learned from her modern dance background, she brings together the worlds of science and creativity combining the usually sterile world of research with the mass appeal of pop culture. She has been the go-to host/journalist for countless scientific shows including TechKnow, YouTube’s Fail Lab, and Discovery Channel’s DNews among others. Get to know the doctor, researcher, actress, and choreographer in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Crystal Dilworth on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu



  1. “I think our expectations create our reality.” [3:55]
  2. “There’s a balance between following your bliss and having that bliss be reasonable.” [15:52]
  3. “The worst thing in the world is to have an inquisitive mind or to have questions and to not know the right people or have the right resources to get them answered.” [16:30]
  4. “Life means to evolve, and if you’re not evolving through small incremental changes that build up over time to create a large change then you’re probably dead, and that shouldn’t really be a goal of anyone.” [29:33]
  5. “Every day I get up and I say ‘What are my priorities?’ and then I move towards that.” [29:47]
  6. “Put your head down and do the training and take the pain and eventually it’s going to pay off.” [30:41]
  7. “New challenges are old dragons we’ve already slain.” [35:00]



Crystal shares her thoughts on multiple dimensions and creating your own reality. [3:09]

Crystal reveals what happens in your brain when you tell yourself little lies. [6:05]

Crystal explains what led her to make the leap from modern dance to neuroscience. [12:06]

Tom and Crystal discuss A-type personalities and the importance of embracing encounters. [14:38]

Crystal explains why story is the most powerful tool to help shape young minds. [17:10]

Crystal talks about why brains are lazy and how they don’t like to be bored or proven wrong. [23:52]

Tom and Crystal dive into the mechanisms our brains use to create false narratives. [25:59]

Crystal talks about giving yourself what you need in order to be your best self. [29:47]

Crystal breaks down the relationship between science and being in love. [31:06]

Crystal talks about her self-narrative and how she views accomplishments. [33:05]

Crystal expresses what she would like to see happen for women in STEM. [41:31]

Crystal shares the impact that she wants to have on the world. [42:52]




Tech Know — [2:03]

Fail Lab — [2:09]

DNews — [2:11]



Suzuki method — [13:38]



Nerd Brigade — [31:37]



The Myth of the Scientist – TEDx talk –





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