Da Rulk

Thor's Trainer Shows You How to Maximize Your Fitness Regimen

By November 14, 2019 Health Theory

It’s not every trainer who gets to develop a fitness regimen for a god. But Da Rulk is literally the personal trainer for Thor (as in Chris Hemsworth) and is responsible for the creation of Raw Functional Training, a method used by first responders, elite military, and professional athletes. In this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Da Rulk explains his training methods, discusses the importance of mental strength, and goes into great detail on how to build yourself back up from any injury.



Rulk explains how to train adaptation by sequencing [1:22]

Rulk discusses where to start training if you can’t make it to the gym [5:08]

Rulk details the basic exercises everyone should do [6:46]

Rulk advocates the importance of building mental strength by knowing your purpose [8:55]

Rulk remembers his failures, when he broke mentally [10:44]

Rulk shares his story of building his mental strength after being bullied [11:38]

Rulk considers how much mental health matters for first responders [15:18]

Rulk explains how he simulates duress while training first responders [16:40]

Rulk describes how balance and movement patterns are linked to mental control [19:20]

Rulk shares the story of seeing his son get run over by a car, and his son’s recovery [21:09]

Rulk details exactly what he told his son while his son was recovering [23:42]

Rulk discusses building yourself back up from injury [26:43]

Rulk talks about his son’s resilience [28:44]

Rulk discusses why the pursuit of greatness requires purpose [30:40]

Rulk advocates humility and openness in training [33:01]

Rulk says that his family will watch what he does, not what he says [35:15]

Rulk shares the one thing he would have people do to improve their health [38:00]



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TWITTER: https://bit.ly/2ObdfNy


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