Dame Dash

Why Being Yourself Is The Coolest You Can Get

Dame Dash is an entrepreneur, media mogul & a maker of hip hop history and in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, he talks about what it means to live by a code of honor, how to achieve your dreams and the meaning of life.

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What it means to be strategic and why Dame Dash started strategizing his career at an early age [2:54]

What he learned about branding and consistency throughout his career… [3:25]

Why he values perspective and how he uses it to get what he wants [4:22]

Why most people don’t want to think (and how important it is that you do) [6:45]

How he’s invented and reinvented himself to start new businesses & monetize his passions [7:45]

Why he hit the street and started selling crack [8:59]

The “no mistakes” stakes he learned from selling drugs [10:56]

His strategy for where businesses and trends are going [12:26]

Dame Dash defines what he considers wealthy (not what you’d expect) [13:17]

According to Dame Dash, this is what you’re responsible for if you are a boss [14:39]

How to find your “other half” [15:25]

I’ll never lose faith in people [16:35]

What most people are missing that Dame has figured out for accomplishing his dreams [17:45]

3 principles any entrepreneur has to have [18:12]

How the death of his Mom affected him [19:00]

How Dame Dash made himself great [20:07]

What Dame Dash would pass to the culture [21:17]

Dame Dash’s message about life in a single sentence [23:42]

The impact he wants to have on the world (and maybe on other planets) [26:26]

The double slit experiment, Wim Hof & Why Dame Dash wants to get access to the other parts of his brain [29:11]

The surprising reason why Dame Dash smokes [34:18]

How to never be embarrassed and stop giving a f*ck what people think [35:26]

Why it’s so cool to deal with imperfection [36:39]



“I am really careful about how small my thoughts are, cause I don’t feel like wasting time.” [5:45]

“The more you care, the more you prepare. Period.” [6:27]

“One million lames combined cannot equal one cool person: meaning someone who is just honest about who they are.” [36:08]



Wim Hof [30:42]



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