Dan Pardi

How to Get The Most From Your Sleep Cycle

By March 7, 2019 Health Theory

This week’s guest on Health Theory is Dr. Dan Pardi.  Dr. Pardi is a sleep specialist, the CEO of humanOS.me and helps people engineer healthier behaviors.  In this episode he talks about how to optimize your behaviors for health, the importance of sleep, and why we get fat.



How Dan’s father’s cancer inspired his career [01:22]

How to take over your behaviors [02:47]

The importance of sleep [08:07]

Daytime strategies to improve your sleep [12:19]

What your body fat is really up to [14:30]

The mechanisms that burn body fat [20:10]

What drives our food intake [23:56]

Why your decision making capabilities are diminished after a night of poor sleep [28:57]

The metabolic impacts of little sleep [32:23]

Why exercise may not have the effect on weight we thought it did [34:18]

How to lose 100 pounds [37:18]

The role of cold and heat exposure for our health [38:55]

Is GHB the perfect drug for Alzheimer’s? [42:53]
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WEBSITE: https://www.humanos.me/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/danielpardi/


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