Dan Schawbel

Stop Looking At Your Phone - It’s KILLING YOU

This week’s guest on Impact Theory is Dan Schawbel.  Dan is an entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author.  His books include Back to Human https://amzn.to/2CEaSxL and Promote Yourself https://amzn.to/2WhCsYW among others.  In this episode, he talks about the importance of relationships and how technology can either die us apart or bring us together.

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Why you need to start focusing on fulfillment (and how it allows you to be a role model to other people) [2:49]


The best way to learn what you want to do in life and what you value [4:01]


How to identify your values and develop self-awareness (start spending more time with yourself) [5:39]


You have to understand yourself [8:25]


How to overcome bullying and stay positive even when you’re a lone wolf [9:18]


The narrative he tells himself [12:51]


Why he embraces his dark side and uses it for motivation [15:29]


How to get ahead in work and life [16:12]


Creating a brand around yourself and the process for being self-aware [19:12]


Why he writes down values, goals and tips for himself based on feedback [21:33]


Why only spending time alone decreases your creativity [23:08]


How Dan Schawbel looks for models to imitate [26:42]


Why Dan doesn’t think people change over time [27:59]


His hack for vulnerability [30:32]


How to be more productive and creative by changing your vibe [32:02]


Instruct your day so that it reflects what you want to get out of it [33:04]


This is the problem with our culture in America [34:47]


Why he started doing research [35:50]


His BEST productivity “habit” is reading for 30 minutes about what is going on in the industry [38:37]


What to do if you’re hitting a roadblock and things are against you [39:44]


How he got out of depression and you can too [40:26]


The truth about the loneliness epidemic [42:04]


The Impact Dan Schawbel wants to have in the world [48:16]


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