Daniele Della Valle

Why It's Time to Stop Shitting On Yourself

By January 9, 2019 Women of Impact

Certified nutritional therapy practitioner and author of Happy Weight, Daniele Della Valle sits down with Lisa Bilyeu to talk about where the diet industry has gone wrong, why you need to throw out your scale and the importance of self love.


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Why you need to ditch the scale [02:42]

The importance of deconstructing society’s expectations of women [04:46]

How to differentiate weight loss from health [07:54]

The one question you should ask yourself every day [10:35]

Why you need to express your feelings and set boundaries [12:58]

How to handle rejection [17:48]

Why getting out of “your normal” can be life-changing [19:55]

How to decipher projection language from strangers [22:57]

What to do when close friends and family project insecurity onto you [25:45]

Why nudist communities have no body shaming [27:38]

Can you love yourself while trying to change yourself? [30:05]

The root of unrealistic body ideals [31:15]

How to see your own worth [34:41]

Why we all need to humble brag [37:30]

Why social media challenges can bring up heavy emotions [42:14]

Why finding yourself can be scary [45:55]



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