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David Goggins has earned himself the reputation of “toughest man alive” and it’s a reputation well deserved. He is the former world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours. He once ran 205 miles in 39 hours without stopping. And he’s completed more than 60 ultra-endurance events in his career. He started all this after telling himself that he was the weakest man alive.



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How Goggins armor plated his mind and why he titled his book “Can’t Hurt Me” [3:23]

Emotional beings are living at about 40% of their ability – survival mechanism that protects you from pain and suffering [4:20]

Why your mind has a tactical advantage over you (pushes you towards comfort) [5:10]

Where Goggins’ 40% rule kicks in [6:50]

Why you have to face the real you if you want to change and how Goggins uses an accountability mirror to gut-check himself [8:08]

Why you need to tell people the truth about who you are if you ever want to change [18:43]

How Goggins stopped feeling sorry for himself [19:47]

Why people don’t start the journey of becoming who they’re capable of becoming (Hint: most people are content to pose as someone else) [24:41]

The super-hardcore way Goggins deals with a learning disability (you can apply this philosophy to literally anything and you’ll wind up more successful than you ever dreamed) [23:54]

Why Goggins says everybody is searching for the easy way out and how to make sure you’re not like that [26:14]

Tom’s drug of choice (Goggins likes it too) [32:10]

How to find your passion in what Goggins calls “the bag of f*ck” and use your insecurities to transform yourself [36:50]

How Goggins measures the success of his life [38:16]

Why you have to dive into a sack of sh*t to find more about yourself [40:18]

This is the most important conversation you’ll ever have in your life [41:37]

The impact Goggins wants to have in the world. [47:29]

“When you care more about how someone’s judging you – you’re gonna stay right there. There’s no forward momentum.” [23:08]

“You gain knowledge through suffering. And on the other end of suffering is a world that very few have ever seen – it’s a beautiful world because that’s where you find yourself.” [28:16]

“Mediocrity is contagious.” [29:18]

“I viewed myself as the weakest person on the planet earth – my goal in life was to in my mind believe I’m the hardest man alive.” [35:00]

“Life is one big head game and once you learn how to play the motherfucking head game, it’s not a game anymore at all. You can start living your life.” [48:06]



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