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The road from an utterly crappy life that started with abuse, hopelessness, and no way out has claimed the souls and livelihood of millions of people throughout history. Very few that have made it to a somewhat functional life dare to tell their stories. What is the way out of that brokenness, pain and hurt so many grow up suffocated by? In this episode, you get one of the most powerful messages and stories in modern history from the former Navy Seal, David Goggins himself. Few stories have ever been told so real, so raw, and so straight. Become the warrior of your life and start living above average by finding your greatness in the middle of discomfort.



30 Miles | David on being driven to finish the last 30 miles of race with stress fractures [3:10]

Warrior Mentality | David explains the mindset of the warrior and being ready to die [6:34]

Total Accountability | What you’re doing to change what you see in the mirror [7:57]

Strategize Problems | Goggins on breaking down each problem one at a time [12:45]

Mediocrity | David exposes the mediocrity of life, being the best among the average [14:47]

On Attack | David on doing the hard things, staying uncomfortable, and attacking self [18:15]

Accountability Mirror | David shares how he started holding himself accountable [20:52]

The Governor | Goggins explains how your mind keeps you comfortable, the 40% rule [23:53]

Do You | The simple life David lives, why he stays to himself & how he earned it [27:46]

Alter Ego | David on creating Goggins’ strength from David’s weakness in the darkroom [29:03]

Cookie Jar | Goggins on who you are at your core and pulling from the dark side [31:31]

Negativity | Goggins explains using the dark side to power through the obstacles [33:06]

Taking Souls | Where things don’t go right what it takes to get through the suffering [35:50]

Insecurities | David explains finding drive in your insecurities and grinding every day [38:29]

The Chart | Goggins on outworking the “chart” as a tool to live a better life, facing fear [43:07]

Greatness | David on finding yourself, beating comfort, and being great [46:30]

Cultivating Drive | Goggins advice for turning inward and removing external insecurities [49:58]

Calloused Mind | David on doing what you hate, and being ready what life throws at you [52:45]

Happiness | David on happiness from willpower, failing, succeeding, and being awarded [56:49]



“…motivation’s crap. Motivation comes and goes. When you’re driven, whatever’s in front of you will get destroyed.” [3:43]


“You can see me for who I am. Because I need to change who I’m not.” [8:39]


“You can’t judge yourself off the so called competition that we have made up in our mind.” [10:49]


“On the other end of suffering is a world that very few, […] have ever seen. It’s a beautiful world. Because that’s where you find yourself.” [17:14]


“the only way I became successful, was going towards the truth, as painful and as brutal as it is, it changed me.” [18:56]


“The very best may not be I’m number one. The very best is, ‘did I leave everything inside of me out there.’” [20:23]


“The mind has the tactical advantage over you at all times. At all times of your life, the mind has a tactical advantage over you. […] It knows what you’re afraid of. It knows your insecurities, it knows your deep dark lies and it starts to push you away from that shit. It pushes you in a direction that is comfortable.” [24:46]


“I chose the path of most resistance. Talent not required.” [27:34]


“…even the hardest man, in times of suffering, what we do is we forget how hard we really are.” [31:49]


“I had to use all this negative shit that was making me weak and horrible as a person, I had to use this as the power that now fueled me. I had to flip it on its head” [34:54]


“…seeing the other side, not being afraid to attack what was in front of me, has made me happy.” [35:21]


“When you can find drive in your own doubt, fear, insecurities, you become very unstoppable.” [41:27]


“…in that fucking sack of shit, you have to dive in that to find more. Because if you’re not willing to go in there and face yourself, you’re not gonna find anything” [45:16]


“You will never learn from people if we always tap dance around the truth.” [55:12]


“I got to experience the beauty of true, fucking willpower. True, fuck you, I’m going to fail, I’m going to fucking fail, I’m going to fucking fail, I’m going to fucking fail. And I will succeed.” [58:17]


“I want you to realize that this world, life is one big head game, and once you learn to play the motherfucking head game, it’s no longer a game anymore at all. You can start living your life.” [1:02:13]


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