David Sinclair

Harvard Researcher Tells You Everything You Need to Know about the Coronavirus Pandemic

Harvard researcher David Sinclair has devoted his life to understanding and promoting human longevity. He wrote about pandemics in the book Lifespan, and on this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu he synthesizes the data we have about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. He explains what the virus is and how it spreads, describes the way it mutates, and discusses what people should do to protect themselves from this new coronavirus.



David shuts down a lot of the bogus information about COVID-19 [1:06]

What is a virus? What is its structure? [3:10]

David explains why thinking of a virus like glitter actually makes sense [4:22]

The virus mutates every few days, but the mutations have not been too different yet [7:08]

Coronaviruses will probably keep appearing every few years [9:04]

Tom and David discuss the differences between COVID-19 and the common cold [10:08]

Herd immunity is the only way we will overcome COVID-19 [11:37]

David explains why he is optimistic and hopeful [13:03]

Experts always believed that the next human catastrophe was going to be a virus [18:08]

There are new kits that can identify COVID-19 rapidly [21:15]

How do we prepare for future pandemics? [25:11]

People’s mentality about the cost of pandemic preparedness will have to change [26:53]

How can we prevent unhealthy contact between humans and animals? [28:00]

David explains why viruses mutate even though most mutations are self-destructive [29:59]

There are thousands of viruses, and most are not harmful [32:47]

What can people do to protect themselves from COVID-19 [34:02]

Tom and David discuss whether you should eat fresh fruit and vegetables [38:20]

David talks about how humidity affects the virus [39:25]

David describes the most important recommendation he would make [41:10]



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