Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra on the Power of Meditation to Unlock Infinite Possibilities

Named one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century by Time Magazine, Deepak Chopra has long been a towering figure in alternative medicine and spirituality. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Deepak Chopra examines the nature of consciousness and pursues eternal questions like, “Who am I? What do I want? What’s my purpose? What am I grateful for?” While advocating reflection, meditation and awareness, he describes the results of the deeply examined life, and gives concrete advice on how to deal with chronic illness, day-to-day suffering, and even the fear of death.

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Deepak describes peptides, the “molecules of emotion” [2:42]

How do you know what you know? What is the source of consciousness? [5:19]

No neuroscientist can explain exactly how electrical information becomes experience [7:35]

We have done a good job of dealing with acute illness, but not chronic illness [9:31]

In addition to physical illness, humans also suffer from existential illness [12:15]

Deepak advocates that everyone needs to ask clearly, “Who am I?” [13:50]

Deepak discusses the benefits and limitations of panpsychism [18:45]

Deepak describes the different forms of consciousness [21:28]

Deepak explains what it means to say that the subject/object division is artificial [25:13]

Consciousness can only know itself through experience [28:18]

Why you should become comfortable with questioning your habitual certainties [29:01]

Tom and Deepak discuss the power of silence [30:40]

Deepak gives a brief breakdown of epigenetics [33:13]

Deepak describes his daily routine and the four things he does every day [35:00]

Deepak talks about his work and how he enjoys himself [37:26]

Death is not the end of consciousness, it’s the end of a storyline in consciousness [38:37]

Deepak talks about love [40:53]

Deepak describes his mother’s incredible storytelling skills [44:20]

Deepak explains why gratitude is so important [46:44]

Deepak discusses the future of medicine [47:02]

Deepak shares the impact he wants to have on the world [50:03]



“To observe a thought is to know you’re not a thought. To observe an emotion is to know that you’re not the emotion. To observe the body is to know that you’re not this bundle of sensations and perceptions. So who are you? What is it that knows?” [13:01]

“When you have time to be still, question your habitual certainties, you realize that actually, we know nothing. Nothing. Everything we know is made up. It’s a human construct.” [29:56]

“Love is not a sentiment. Love is not an emotion. Love is the ultimate truth, and the heart of creation.” [41:09]









“Meta-Human” by Deepak Chopra [2:18]


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