Devon Harris

Cool Runnings Legend on How to Keep Pushing To Accomplish Your Dreams

Olympian Devon Harris, an original member of the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team, always believed that a positive, “Keep on Pushing” attitude would take him farther than anger or a focus on injustice. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Devon Harris explains exactly what he means by his mantra, “Keep on Pushing”. He talks about his life growing up in Kingston, the lessons he learned from his grandmother, the reasons why he is so passionate about education, and the power of dreams and visualization.

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A positive attitude will carry you farther than a heart filled with rage at injustice [0:34]

Devon explains how he saw Olympians as average people with extraordinary dreams [2:00]

Devon’s grandmother’s greatest ambition for him was that he would learn to read [4:23]

You can’t allow yourself to settle [5:30]

Devon explains what it means to have a “Keep on Pushing” attitude [6:59]

When Devon competes he is a totally different person [8:02]

Devon advocates living a fulfilled life, a rounded life but he is also absolutely driven [10:41]

Devon talks about how important his family is to him [14:27]

Dreaming is the starting point of all achievement [18:09]

Education gives you confidence, opens doors, and lets you see opportunities [19:27]

Devon explains what it means to walk your own path [21:29]

Why you have to create a new story that you become a character in [22:37]

Devon talks about how he deals with fear [25:03]

Devon has used visualization before he knew what visualization was [28:02]

You can’t quit on the goal, but you sometimes have to quit on the strategy [31:09]

Devon describes the core values he tries to instill in his kids [32:59]




“You can’t allow yourself to settle…Stepping out of the environment that you find yourself in to go get that thing across the street that looks so much better, to get a much better life, it’s difficult because you feel so out of place. You feel, almost, not-so-worthy. And you have to convince yourself that you deserve this.” [5:45]


“Walk your own path.” [21:32]


“I have no idea how I’m going to do it. But I just have to.” [22:59]









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