Dia Simms

From Sean "Diddy" Combs' Assistant to President of His Company

By June 19, 2019 Women of Impact

Queen of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ marketing empire, tireless advocate for women, and all-around brilliant strategist, Dia Simms approaches everything like a scientist. In this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Dia explains how to improve second-by-second, how to negotiate for yourself by standing on the foundation of facts, and how to combat ignorance with excellence and grace.



Dia describes dealing with stereotypes of her as a black woman  [3:15]

Dia illuminates the role of gratitude and excellence in success  [4:34]

Dia explains how to use underestimation as a weapon  [6:49]

What does not knowing have to do with finding out?  [7:48]

Dia and Lisa discuss learning at all times  [8:59]

Dia observes that people, especially women, have to take risk  [10:08]

Dia talks about why titles are not important  [13:21]

Dia tells the story of becoming P Diddy’s marketing empress  [15:16]

Dia promotes negotiation and self-advocacy, especially for women  [16:37]

Dia and Lisa discuss women and compensation  [19:35]

Dia describes her philosophy that all things are possible  [20:45]

Dia discusses being transparent about having big, crazy goals  [23:40]

Focus on one thing at a time instead of just lots of activity  [26:38]

Dia dismisses the idea of balance and advocates protecting your time  [27:43]

Dia talks about achieving career success when family is the number one priority  [29:58]

Dia explains that the team is everything  [32:04]

Dia describes impacting disadvantaged people  [32:39]

Dia tells stories of her mother’s extraordinary fortitude and optimism  [34:03]

Dia shows the research that diverse leadership improves the bottom line  [35:52]

Dia advocates becoming known as a problem solver  [38:08]

Dia explains the importance of kindness, due diligence, and being relentless  [39:30]

Dia talks about when you have to change your path to reach your dream  [42:20]

Dia approaches everything like a scientist  [43:14]

Dia describes always doing her best  [44:39]

Dia shares that her superpower is gratitude [45:31]



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