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The 5 PILLARS of Health you NEED to be FIT and HEALTHY | Dolvett Quince on Health Theory

When you think of fitness and training, it’s easy to think of the physical effort it takes to get healthier, leaner, and stronger, but what about the mental effort? How much effort and time do you spend thinking about the mental work that goes into fitness and training? How often do you consider your diet failures and pitfalls as being part of the mental training that is possibly lacking? Dolvett Quince is a celebrity trainer, fitness expert that is known for being one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser. As a health and fitness expert, he speaks more to the mindset, mental demands, and inner struggles than most physical trainers. Getting after your health goals successfully is intertwined with how you approach all areas of your life. He shares the 5 pillars of health, how he stays hungry for more and the formula for success that will help you discover your own greatness.



0:00 | Introduction Dolvett Quince

1:41 | How To Love Yourself

2:34 | Know Your Excuses & Enablers

3:50 | The Ultimate Self-Love

5:30 | Relatable Pain, Fear & Doubt

6:12 | Dolvett’s Adoption & Abuse

8:21 | Conquer Anything & Face Failures

12:06 | Balancing the Dark Side

13:00 | Root of Transformation

15:26 | Clinging to Excuses

16:57 | 5 Pillars of Health & Choices

18:53 | Change Up Your Diet, 3-1-2-1

22:35 | Recovering from Bad Diet Choices

25:15 | Facing Your Fears

27:53 | Dolvett’s Fear of Heights

29:22 | Stay Humble Stay Hungry

31:21 | Dolvett’s Definition of Succes

33:20 | Be Humble Stay Hungry

34:40 | Dolvett’s Formula for Success

37:07 | Demand for Greatness

39:39 | Practice of Cultivating



“Despite my flaws despite my shortcomings, my looks, my income, I like me, I love me. When you love your self you treat yourself as such.” [4:13]


“That relentless, ‘nothing’s going to stop me,’ when you use that power, that’s just as beautiful as the smile” [12:50]


“I can’t tell people to be fearless and look past their insecurities if I don’t do the same.” [28:35]


“If you practice honesty with yourself, that’s who you are, and you’ll naturally become that for everyone else.” [29:45]


“We are always trying to get better, you never land on betterment. We’re never always great.” [31:23]


“Even though you may know, you may know a lot. But, there is something in the moment in which you know a lot, if you overpower that moment, you’ll miss learning something. You can always add something to what you know.” [33:26]


“Why are you limiting yourself because of what other people think. We hold so much weight on other’s opinions that it becomes our opinion.” [37:30]


“Then you don’t want to be great. You want to be good, you want to be okay. You don’t want to be great because great takes work. Great takes a level of discipline that is distraction-free.” [38:40]


“Love what you’re doing but challenge yourself every day” [40:55]


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