Dom D’Agostino

The Shocking Truth About The Keto Diet

By November 12, 2018 Health Theory

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Neuroscientist, Professor, and Research Scientist, Dr. Dom D’Agostino, explains the science behind the Ketogenic Diet and how to effectively apply this nutritional strategy to improve your lifestyle.

Dom’s career beginning with the Ketogenic diet [1:05] Why ketones are the superior fuel for your brain [4:27] Exploring the real world applications of keto [6:18] Applying the Ketogenic diet to Alzheimers [8:11] Implementing the Ketogenic diet step-by-step [14:30] The idealized protocol for living as long as possible [17:11] Nutritional prescribing based on your genetic makeup [20:31] Balancing quantity and quality in your ketogenic strategy [22:47] Nutrition improves more than just your physical health [24:54] Does the placebo effect actually work? [27:34] Invest in relationships to get the most out of life [31:47] The holographic sight patent is actually held by EOTech after designing their first holographic sight in 1995. However, many of the other sights on this list can also be used for your rifles. The best holographic sight will help you get on target fast like a red dot, but has a more advanced reticle for more precision shooting. Check out our in-depth reviews to find the best options on the market. If you want to get on target fast, there are few options on the market more efficient and accurate than a holographic sight. Visit to shop best holographic sights on the USA market!


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