Dr. Andrew Weil

Pioneering MD Reveals Critical Truth About Process of Healing

By August 27, 2020 Health Theory

Dr. Andrew Weil has practiced and taught integrative medicine for over thirty years, and believes that treatments addressing mind, body and spirit are the future of healthcare. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Andrew Weil discusses the current mental health crisis, describes what has gone so wrong with the American medical system, and explores alternatives to the common modern diet of processed foods and sweetened drinks. He also explains why he views consciousness as primary, advocates for open-minded skepticism, and discusses the benefits of plant-based treatments for everything from allergies to PTSD.


Words are powerful and doctors say some things unconsciously that interfere with healing [0:22]

Andrew explains why he was so interested in botany and what he learned from it [2:36]

Andrew talks about what drew him to ethno-botany [5:23]

Andrew discusses why he got so interested in consciousness [6:26]

Tom and Andrew discuss how your thoughts affect your brain and body [9:36]

Can consciousness exist apart from the brain? [15:17]

Andrew discusses altered states and how they changed his body and environment [19:05]

Why it’s good to be an open-minded skeptic [22:16]

What does it mean to say that “consciousness is primary?” [27:09]

Tom and Andrew discuss breathing and how to shift between psychological states [30:18]

Andrew talks about the connections between mental health and modern society [34:10]

Why you should stop eating processed food and drinking sweetened drinks [36:36]

Andrew talks about the flu pandemic of 1918 [41:32]

Healthy organisms are naturally resistant so you should keep yourself healthy [44:43]

Andrew discusses what has gone so wrong in our healthcare system [47:17]

We should be doing real health education from kindergarten on [49:32]

Andrew’s family encouraged him to follow his curiosity and passion [52:27]

What plants should we consume, and what are the benefits of MDMA and marijuana? [55:13]




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