Dr. Caroline Leaf

This Doctor Shows You How You Can Control Your Biological Age

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a powerhouse researcher dedicated to unlocking the human mind’s untapped potential. And that potential looks to be almost limitless. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Caroline Leaf explains the biological processes that constitute thoughts, feelings and choices, emphasizes the importance of becoming more aware, and describes the latest brain research, including exciting findings about how to change your biological age through mind management.

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[1:06] Form Your Identity: Caroline explains why your identity is so important, and how to consolidate and strengthen it.

[6:48] Think, Feel, Choose: Caroline describes the biological processes that underlie making choices and building identity.

[14:43] The Science of Thought: Caroline uses the analogy of ocean waves to explain how the brain functions.

[23:43] How to Become Aware: Awareness is strongly linked to empathy, and requires you to stand back and observe your own choices and reactions.

[28:45] 5 Steps for Mind Management: Even if you are not conscious of it, and even if you don’t remember it, your choices and habits will change your brain on a physical level.

[44:03] The Latest Researcher: You can change your biological age by controlling your brain functions.


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