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Change Your BRAIN, Change Your LIFE! These Hacks Will Improve Your BRAIN | Dr. Daniel Amen on Health Theory

By August 26, 2021 Health Theory

You’re living in a society that has normalized everything that should be far from normal. From the time you open your eyes, your brain is kicking in and most likely living in overdrive. The unfortunate truth is most likely you’re not even aware of all the ways your brain is under attack. Social media is being consumed at an unhealthy rate in both your personal and business life. Even if you have a generally healthy diet, processed foods and chemicals that damage the brain are still sneaking into your body’s system. Is there any wonder why anxiety, stress, and depression, trauma and PTSD are now considered to be the norm? Dr. Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist, brain scan expert and third time guest. In this episode, he’s unleashing the truth about the emotional dragons you are likely dealing with. He gets into some of the most common dragons attacking your emotional brain today, anxious, wounded and inferior to name a few. If you’re low-key feeling attacked on a daily basis, breathe deep and listen in on ways you can start changing your brain and changing your life for the better.



0:00 | Introduction Dr. Daniel Amen

1:10 | Dragons From the Past

4:18 | Balancing the Prefrontal Cortex

7:38 | Knowing Common Dragons

10:59 | Identify Accurate Thinking

14:18 | Strategies To Tame Your Dragons

16:35 | Techniques to Help with Trauma

20:35 | PTSD & Stimulating Trauma

29:57 | Rewriting 12 Steps for Bad Habits

32:00 | Tell Your Brain What You Want

39:09 | Unhealthy Weight to the Brain

45:01 | Brain Health, Anxiety & Diet Link

48:49 | Your Brain on Marijuana



“When you take the emotion out, something’s going to replace it, and if you have skill in managing your mind, you’ll often look for what’s right rather than what’s wrong.” [27:35]


“Negative thinking disrupts brain function, but at the same time […] positive thinking by itself is harmful, we have to be thoughtful. [28:47]


“You have to tell your brain what you want, because it’s always listening.” [32:00]


“What do you want in a balanced way? Because if you know, then you’re more likely to get it.” [33:22]


“When you become more real, you become more relatable.” [41:07]


“This is not about not having fun. It’s about having fun with all of you intact.” [52:42]


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