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By January 14, 2021 Health Theory

Are you seeking revolutionary health advice that goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach of western medicine? Do you want to age well while achieving a well-rounded and balanced level of health? On this episode of Health Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by New York Times best-selling author and pioneer in both integrative and functional medicine Dr. Frank Lipman to discuss such matters and more as they explore how western medicine is missing out on revolutionary health practices and what you can do to expand your understanding of your health so that you may age properly. They discuss the pitfalls of western medicine, his journey to discovering new health practices, why you must focus on preserving your body as you age, the biomarkers to pay attention to, how to achieve a healthy gut, why health goes beyond the physical, the key things to do to live and age properly, and much more.


Growing Up | Dr. Lipman shares his youth and his journey to questioning everything. [0:20]

Brainwashed | Dr. Lipman reveals why the western medicine system is a cult. [2:57]

Opening Up | Dr. Lipman reveals his journey to exposing himself to new ways of healing. [4:30]

New Rules | Dr. Lipman reveals his journey to developing the new rules on aging. [9:04]

Growth | Dr. Lipman reveals why as you age it becomes about preserving your body. [15:27]

Diets | Dr. Lipman reveals why vegan and high-carb diets have certain risks. [18:20]

Humanity & Health | Dr. Lipman reveals why your purpose and the way you live matters. [23:28]

Biomarkers | Dr. Lipman reveals the key things you should be paying attention to. [26:08]

Microbiome | Dr. Lipman reveals how we can listen to and learn from our guts. [27:42]

Balance | Dr. Lipman reveals what you need to achieve a healthy, balanced gut. [30:10]

CBD | Dr. Lipman reveals the efficacy and power of mushrooms and CBD. [34:20]

Opening Your Mind | Dr. Lipman reveals how CBD is more important than ever. [37:47]

Do This | Dr. Lipman reveals the key things you should be doing to age well. [40:21]

Connect | Dr. Lipman reveals where you can continue to follow him to learn more. [44:12]


“Western medicine is fantastic if you’re acutely ill or you break a bone. I’m not knocking western medicine, but to take that model and use and extrapolate that model for all our problems in the culture today is, you know, we end up with a very limited way of treating people…” [4:01]

“…it’s more about preserving and maintaining as we get older rather than growing stronger and stronger…” [17:20]

“Ordinary things we do on a daily basis that have an extraordinary effect on our health.” [42:06]


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