Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

How to Stay Young, Smart and Fit Forever

You should eat more protein, and yes, that means red meat. This statement might surprise some audiences, but it is based on the fundamentally sound science that high muscle strength is independently associated with lower all cause mortality. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon has been on the forefront of “muscle-centric medicine” for years, and here’s what really is surprising. She became obsessed with the concept because of her work with palliative care, dementia and geriatrics. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Gabrielle Lyon explains why muscle should be viewed as a vital organ which protects against everything from Alzheimer’s to COVID-19. She discusses the optimal high-protein diet, strongly advocates that everyone engage in resistance training, and explains why people should focus on gaining muscle instead of focusing on losing fat.



Gabrielle explains what “muscle-centric medicine” is [1:09]

Why you should focus on building muscle instead of focusing on losing fat [2:14]

Gabrielle explains the function of muscle as an organ [5:14]

The more muscle you have, the more likely you are to live [8:57]

Gabrielle explains why she prioritizes changing diet versus changing exercise patterns [12:19]

Eat high quality protein, which means eating animal protein [15:32]

Gabrielle discusses the importance of getting your first meal right [22:34]

Gabrielle explains why she eats carbohydrates later in the day [25:00]

Gabrielle describes the herbs she uses to improve her health [27:07]

Gabrielle started muscle-centric medicine because of her work with palliative care [30:13]

Gabrielle explains why lack of muscle leads to dementia and inflammation [34:43]

Diseases of obesity are not diseases of “over-fat”. They are “under-muscle”. [36:53]

Gabrielle defines how much protein you should eat given how much you weigh [41:05]

Gabrielle says the number one thing people should do is eat more red meat [44:22]



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