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This DOCTOR Knows What Causes Alzheimer’s and How You Can PREVENT It | Jay Lombard on Health Theory

Youth has a way of making you feel near invincible. Your body handles long nights, limited sleep, and poor diets much easier. The problem is those choices have a cumulative effect. What you eat, how often you eat also impacts the health of your brain. There is a Chinese proverb that says, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is now.” It is easy to disregard neurodegenerative diseases as something for older people, but understanding how leaky brain and neurodegeneration begins to happen is better learned now, than waiting till later if you plan to age gracefully. Dr. Jay Lombard may be incognito but his depth of knowledge and expertise in degenerative neurological diseases is astonishing. He breaks down what misfolded proteins are, the relation of infection and immune system processes to neurodegenerative disease and reveals simple ways you can support your immune system on a cellular level. Get ready to break out the ice baths and discover a new reason to relax in the sauna.


Mentioned In this Episode: Everything ALS, https://www.everythingals.org/

Also, check out Dr. Jay Lombard’s book, The Mind of God: https://amzn.to/3iSyPFJ



0:00 | Introduction

3:39 | Linking Infection & Neurological Injuries

6:12 | Blood Vessel Problems

9:21 | Managing Misfolded Proteins

12:36 | Breaking Down Pathological Proteins

16:56 | Immune System, Heat Shock Proteins

18:38 | Periodontal Disease Role in Alzheimer’s

22:01 | Risk Factors & Prevention

24:43 | Regulating Epigenetics

28:56 | Benefit of Fasting for Prevention

32:38 | Ultimate Diet for Prevention

37:32 | Meaning in Hopeless ALS Cases

41:38 | Biology of Meaning & Purpose



“Without perfusion of the brain, you can take any supplement you want. But if you don’t have adequate perfusion, you’re not going to have a healthy brain” [9:03]


“My goal as a clinician is to help you live with ALS, not die from the condition.” [11:54]


“The closest proximity of infectious diseases to the blood brain barrier, is in periodontal diseases, and that’s been strongly associated with Alzheimer’s disease.” [18:59]


“Leaky gut is a very important aspect of a functional medicine approach to any condition, but I think the first and foremost point of assessment would be assessing periodontal disease in those patients.” [20:15]


“The same recommendations that we have for cardiovascular disease or equally warranted for prevention of neurological conditions.” [22:40]


“The common thread of long term survivors has been a sense of purpose and faith in the ineffable” [39:20]


“Whatever problems that we have, are to learn from those problems to grow as individuals and

to deal with them without running away from the problem itself.” [40:08]


“When we love, we increase our endorphins, which helps us to bear whatever pain that we’re experiencing with whatever condition” [41:49]


“The idea that we can infuse medicine with a sense of purpose is, I think, of extraordinary value for everybody to appreciate.” [42:57]


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