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Do you feel like you have all the knowledge, yet you’re “stuck” in the same patterns?

Destructive habits like addiction, self-sabotage, low self-worth, or even “communications problems” in relationships are all tied to one thing: conditioned behavior practiced since childhood. Childhood trauma is nothing you overcome just because you grow up. But there are ways to heal what happened in the past to create an entirely different future. In this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera. Her practical tips led to a community of 3,2 million Self-Healers on Instagram. She will equip you with the tools necessary to heal yourself, break free from trauma cycles and create who you want to become. After you watch this episode, you´ll know why you struggle to break bad habits and what is holding you back from change. You´ll discover the easiest method everyone can use everywhere to start healing from childhood trauma. How you can change your life with little promises to yourself. Why your genes and personality are not your destiny and how to create your future self and much more.

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Why your past is influencing you way more than you think. [1:54]

Why you struggle to change bad habits, and what is holding you back from change. [2:17]

Why your brain wants you to stay the way you´re today. [4:40]

The real reason why it´s hard to break patterns. [5:29]

The most effective practice to break your bad habits. [6:11]

Why most of us are staying in the past or worrying about our future and what to do instead. [7:06]

How to practice staying in the moment. [8:17]

The two ways on how to practice being present, even if meditation overwhelms you. [9:02]

The reason why sitting in silence makes you uncomfortable. [10:00]

How meditation, when you feel unsafe, can lead to another trauma. [12:21]

How Nicole discovered the real reason why her brain felt foggy. [14:38]

The easiest method everyone can use everywhere to start to heal from childhood trauma. [17:40]

How to start learning to breathe to beat anxiety in your day-to-day life. [18:50]

How you can change your life with little promises to yourself. [20:23]

How to use feeling uncomfortable with a new habit to maintain it forever. [22:28]

The importance of reframing to change your behavior. [22:56]

Why you don´t have to give up your anger and how to make space for new feelings. [25:10]

How to decide if a feeling or habit is valuable. [26:24]

How to get radically honest with yourself. [27:50]

The makers Nicole watches out for in her nervous system to know if she´s safe or not. [31:29]

How you repeat your childhood patterns in your current relationships. [33:06]

Why your genes and personality are not your destiny and how to create your future self. [35:40]

How to use “future self journaling” to counter your subconscious autopilot and create change. [37:30]

Why you can use “future self journaling” for changing every aspect of your life. [40:57]

The fundamental reason why most people can´t access creativity, joy, or love. [42:39]

Why, without sleep, diet, and exercise, mental strategies only go so far. [45:00]

How to deal with your shortcomings and when life is unfair. [49:25]

How repetition shaped your limiting beliefs and how to create new empowering beliefs. [52:17]

How to rebuild your self-worth when you didn´t keep your promises in the past. [55:30]

How to use your “re-parenting” to heal your inner child. [58:00]

Nicole shares how to connect with her. [1:01:33]


“Feelings that you feel become easier to feel.” [4:56]

“The way out first and foremost: We want to become conscious. We want to see those patterns.” [6:11]

“Thoughts thought long enough lead to a feeling.” [10:13]

“What I learned is each time I do one of those things: Either breathe very shallowly, or I am holding my breath, I am contributing to my anxiety, keeping my nervous system locked in that fight or flight mode. So I had to find a new way to breathe.” [18:12]

“I urge everyone out there to create change for themselves and you do it, by practicing a new thought, by overtime allowing in a little more confirming evidence of that new thought, and before you know it you do start to see more and more evidence and now you lived the experience of changing a belief.” [55:12]


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