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Guaranteed Tips and Tactics to Help You Feel More Confident

By February 5, 2020 Women of Impact

Too often people confuse confidence with bravado or performance. But the most confident people are sometimes the quietest people in the room. That may not be the insight you’d expect from the author of a book called “Confident as F*ck”. But Elle Russ is dedicated to talking about real, genuine, authentic confidence, without neglecting the importance of vulnerability and relationships. And fortunately, she is also dedicated to helping as many people as possible become comfortable with themselves at all times and in any situation. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Elle Russ shares some of her best advice for building confidence, dealing with jealousy, negativity, nay-sayers and shame, and learning to choose your battles wisely.

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What is confidence? [2:38]

Confident people are kind, authentic, and unafraid to speak up. [3:20]

Elle talks about how she struggled to allow herself to be more vulnerable [6:07]

People will project their own lack of confidence onto you [7:57]

Confident people choose their battles wisely [10:24]

Being jealous and wanting others to lose is a sign of a lack of confidence [14:06]

Elle explains being down with “OPC” (Other People’s Confidence) [16:21]

Elle talks about how to deal with nay-sayers and negative people [17:13]

Don’t try to prove people wrong. Prove yourself awesome. [21:48]

Lisa and Elle discuss the importance of changing your perspective on rejection [24:27]

We trust confident people because they believe they can figure it out [27:39]

Elle discusses shame and disability, and how the shame was actually worse [31:48]

Elle describes the blessings that came with her disability [36:42]

Confidence is built by overcoming genuinely difficult challenges [37:58]

Elle shares her superpower [40:35]



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