Emily Morse

Confidence in the Bedroom Equals Confidence in the Boardroom

By December 4, 2018 Women of Impact

In this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa is joined by the host of the iTunes top-rated podcast Sex with Emily, Emily Morse. They discuss Emily’s journey from politics to hosting a podcast about sex, why we should talk more about sex, and how to transfer confidence from one area of your life into another.

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Pursuing your passion [2:05] What it takes to go after your dreams [4:15] Changing your life path [6:53] Why talking about sex is imperative [10:00] Sex should not be personal [12:54] Why owning your sexuality makes you confident [15:00] Loving your body [16:24] How to turn suffering into passion [17:21] Why it’s okay to not have kids [19:42] Communication is key to a good relationship [23:13] Don’t let your relationship stagnate [25:03] Talking about sex with your partner [26:19] Why men and women function differently [28:08] What works for you as a couple? [30:53] Never stop growing [32:25] There is no such thing as being perfect [34:48] Take time to give yourself credit [36:41] How to deal with negative thoughts [39:06]

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