Laila Ali

Turning Rebellion Into Excellence

As the daughter of the most famous boxer in the world, Laila Ali had an upbringing that was anything but normal. Early on she dealt with a lot of disappointment in her family life and started getting into trouble in her teens. Determined to become better rather than bitter, she found strength in boxing and ultimately retired from the sport undefeated. Get to know the author, dancer, TV host, and healthy living evangelist as she shares her champion mindset with Tom Bilyeu in this episode of Impact Theory.


“Don’t get bitter, get better.” —Laila Ali



Laila talks about her upbringing and having to take care of herself. [3:54]

Tom and Laila discuss her determination to succeed at an earlier age. [8:33]

Laila explains her inner struggles, feeling abandoned and ultimately finding strength. [11:51]

Laila talks about allowing circumstances to make her better not bitter. [15:39]

Laila talks about not making excuses, positive self-talk, and the power of visualization. [19:01]

Laila remembers how she ignored the naysayers and focused on her goal. [23:07]

Tom and Laila talk about cultivating drive, work ethic, and perfecting her craft. [28:49]

Laila explains how she helps develop hunger and tenacity in her children. [36:01]

Laila talks about owning her story and embracing adversity. [39:38]

Laila walks through how she discovered a new passion and started building her lifestyle brand. [42:22]

Laila reveals the keys to cultivating a champion’s mindset. [46:52]

Laila defines the impact she wants to have on the world. [50:36]



Reach!: Finding Strength, Spirit, and Personal Power: [2:49]

Fight with Jackie Frazier – [19:34]








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