Mel Robbins

Why Motivation Is Garbage

By January 31, 2017 Featured

Mel Robbins is a powerhouse speaker with one of the top 20 TEDx talks in the world. This former criminal defense attorney turned on-air commentator and CNN contributor exposes the myth of motivation and explains how to make the micro-decisions that will launch you into success in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

“Your life comes down to your decisions, and if you change your decisions, you will change everything.”  —Mel Robbins



Mel explains why she thinks motivation is garbage. [2:31]

Mel talks about taking control of micro moments. [5:57]

Tom and Mel discuss the origin of her life’s work. [7:16]

Mel exposes the trap of the knowledge-action gap. [14:07]

Tom explains why he wore his NASA t-shirt. [16:07]

Mel describes the science behind the 5-second rule. [21:56]

Mel reveals how to outsmart your brain to further your goals. [23:42]

Mel debunks the myth that confidence is a personality trait. [29:00]

Tom and Mel talk about overcoming the habits of worrying, anxiety, and self-doubt. [31:44]

Mel spells out the body’s physiological response to agitation. [36:35]

Mel shares how she used an anchor thought to overcome her fear of flying. [41:56]

Mel talks about her course called The Million-dollar Morning. [45:25]



Mel’s popular TEDx talk “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over” [1:13]

Mel’s inspirational news website Inspire 52 [1:37]

Mel’s new book The 5 Second Rule [1:56]

The spotlight effect [5:22]

The sunk cost fallacy [9:15]

Metacognition, or thinking about what you’re thinking [23:43]

The definition of habit loops [24:25]

The storage center for feelings and emotions, Basal ganglia [24:37]

The Million-Dollar Morning Guide

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