Terrell Owens

Destroying the Status Quo

Although he had one of the most dominate NFL careers of all time, Terrell Owens had a less than traditional path to superstardom. In this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Terrell Owens explains how desire, dedication, and discipline can take you anywhere you want to go.

Terrell Owens is by the numbers one of the greatest NFL superstars of all time. His road to super stardom is all the more inspiring because it was a less than traditional path. He grew up in a tiny town in Alabama, and while he had a solid high school career, he didn’t exactly light the world on fire.

Terrell wasn’t heavily recruited and didn’t even see himself as having a future in the NFL until his senior year in college, but he was hell-bent to make the most of the opportunities in his life and prove that with enough desire, dedication and discipline, you can go anywhere you want to go.

After getting drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, Terrell smashes and made a name for himself. In a world where the average tenure in the NFL is roughly three years, he clocked 15 years, going to the Pro Bowl six times and being named an Associated Press All Pro five times. With 1,078 receptions, 15,935 yards and 153 touchdowns, he is virtually guaranteed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. In addition to his unbelievable success in the grid iron, he’s also a bestselling author who has penned an autobiography, a book on fitness and a successful children’s book.

Additionally, Terrell is a motivational speaker dedicated to empowering today’s youth and a passionate supporter of the cause to eradicate Alzheimer’s disease. He also recently launched an athletic clothing line called Prototype 81. Don’t miss this episode of Impact Theory with NFL Legend and all-around superstar Terrell Owens.



  • Terrell recalls how he motivated himself and prepared to get on the football field. [5:32]
  • Terrell explains the importance of matching desire with dedication. [10:30]
  • Terrell talks about the work he put in and the importance of discipline. [11:27]
  • Tom and Terrell discuss what stops people from achieving their goals. [15:00]
  • Terrell talks about playing with confidence and leveraging adversity into creativity. [18:24]
  • Terrell shares how he translates affirmations to get tangible results. [23:11]
  • Terrell unveils his strategy for choosing his reactions and changing his narrative. [30:35]
  • Tom and Terrell discuss overcoming doubts, constructive criticism, and enjoying “the process.” [33:27]




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