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How to Uncover What's Actually Holding You Back | Gary John Bishop on Impact Theory

By December 15, 2020 Featured

Your reality is not what you think it is. Everyday, you move through and see the experiences of life with a filter. This filter? Its your own perspective. Now is the time for you to recognize and become self-aware of this perspective, rid yourself of it, and actually begin to change your life for good. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by New York Times Bestselling Author, speaker, and urban philosopher Gary Bishop to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to finally wake up to the reality youve fabricated for yourself, break the chains of your perspective which can hold you back, and start to walk on a path towards the person, life, and reality you want to live. They discuss how we each create our own reality from our experiences, how to become self-aware so that you can recognize patterns in your life, why we create false narratives for ourselves, how to become reborn and renewed into a new person, why you shouldnt require others to change for you, and how to deal with the challenging fundamentals of life such as success, grief, and love.


Reality | Gary reveals how we create our own reality and experiences. [0:18]

Self-Awareness | Gary shares how to be truly aware of and connected to yourself. [2:55]

Realizations | Gary shares his own story and journey to becoming self-aware. [5:33]

Narrative | Gary reveals how to break away from the narrative you built for yourself. [9:09]

Reborn | Gary reveals how to be in control and re-craft your perspective. [12:10]

Renew | Gary shares an incredible story of renewing his relationship with his mother. [16:47]

Change | Gary reveals why you have to live without requiring others to change. [23:01]

Creation | Gary discusses why who you are isnt just an accident, its a creation. [25:10]

Self-Help | Gary shares his journey of writing in a way that actually helps others. [28:43]

Pursuit | Gary peels back the curtain on how our lifes experiences  [35:06]

Fundamentals | Gary reveals the fundamentals of life that we get lost and trapped in. [39:04]

Success | Gary reveals how the false idea of success is fed to us our whole lives. [42:00]

Love | Gary reveals how the only type of real love is unconditional love. [44:41]

Connect | Gary shares how you can learn more and continue to hear from him. [52:37]


Your perspective is in everything you hear, everything you see, everything you say, everything you experience, every feeling, every emotion, you know, all of it. Thats your perspective and its hard to see it because youre in it. So you cant really witness it.[7:28]

I think what youre witnessing is this kind of bankruptcy of your persona. Like, whove youve come to know yourself as no longer works, right? And its the same shit and no matter how hard you shake that tree, youre only ever getting one apple.[27:28]

“…and part of being a loving human being is, whats also on the table, is something called disappointment.[48:13]









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