George Mumford

Next Time You Make A Mistake Remember This

This week’s guest on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu is George Mumford.  George Mumford is a mindfulness and performance expert who has worked with NBA champions, executives and olympians as well as athletes across a number of different sports.  In this episode, he talks about how to handle the truth, dealing with discomfort, and the importance of persistence.



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George Mumford describes the “Ass On Fire” method of making change in yourself [3:29]

Why he believes you are a masterpiece and wired for success but you have to chip away at the layers to reveal it [5:02]

Why George Mumford says that evil is ignorance [7:13]

The distinction between “background noise” and “background music” and why you want to recognize the latter [9:23]

The 3 things that predict success in the workplace [10:09]

How to recover from addiction (and why you need to change your identity) [12:48]

The step by step process you can follow to become the person you want to be [13:52]

“We become what we think about” [14:13]

What we’re all chasing after in life [17:10]

“We can’t have compassion without suffering.” [17:49]

How George Mumford reconciles intense competition and mindfulness [20:30]

The difference between knowing that your training will develop results and why people don’t commit to results [22:43]

Tom classifies George Mumford’s “type” of mindfulness as a gateway into the world of high performance [25:47]

The fascinating mixture between high achievement and the power of silence [26:48]

George Mumford describes his mindfulness practice [27:40]

What George Mumford says to people who have tried meditation but give up on it too soon [29:01]

The impact George Mumford wants to have in the world [30:09]



Joseph Campbell [17:10]

Albert Einstein [18:57]

Michael Jordan [20:38]

Kobe Bryant [20:39]



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