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How Your Right to Your Own Opinion is Being Taken Away | Greg Lukianoff on Conversations With Tom

There is a powerful, yet destructive, movement occurring in the United States today that, while well-intentioned on the surface, may very well result in the end of free speech as we know it. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, New York Times best-selling author and President and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) Greg Lukianoff joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they discuss the importance of protecting free speech today and why so many are blinded by the movement to destroy it. They discuss the controversial aspects of free speech in todays world, the power of the documentary Mighty Ira,why you should defend your enemys right to freely speak, why todays generation has gravitated towards policing free speech, how colleges have changed over time, why children need to feel a sense of freedom when it comes to ideas and thought, the dangers of political correctness and woke culture, and much more.

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Journey | Greg reveals his journey to finding his passion for the first amendment. [0:12]

Discovery | Greg reveals how he came to become so intrigued by free speech. [4:58]

Controversial | Greg reveals why some aspects of todays free speech are controversial. [11:52]

Mighty Ira | Greg discusses the incredible impact of the Mighty Iradocumentary. [12:46]

Defend Your Enemy | Greg reveals why its important to always fight for free speech. [16:43]

Boundaries | Greg reveals why losing free speech can be a slippery slope. [21:55]

Youth | Greg reveals how todays younger generations approach free speech. [25:19]

Destruction | Greg reveals how todays college students aim to destroy free speech. [31:00]

Social Media | Greg reveals how social media has influenced free speech. [34:08]

Meanness | Greg reveals how we should approach bullying and meanness. [39:19]

Children | Greg discusses why children need to learn how to deal with difficulties. [40:35]

Dangers | Greg reveals why he fears centralized authority. [44:25]

Benefits | Greg reveals the benefits of overcoming the pains of free speech. [47:32]

Empowerment | Greg reveals why people need to overcome their anxieties and fears. [50:38]

Triggered | Greg reveals why trigger warnings are detrimental to free speech. [57:56]

Rise | Greg reveals how we can encourage todays generation to fight for free speech. [1:02:30]

Woke | Greg reveals how todays woke culture is undermining upper education. [1:07:23]

Blinded | Greg reveals why so many are blinded to todays war on free speech. [1:11:52]

Mindset | Greg reveals the power of having an open mindset to new possibilities. [1:19:37]

Imperfect | Greg reveals why we need to give up on the idea of a perfect society. [1:28:03]

The Future | Greg reveals where he thinks were heading as a society. [1:31:50]

Connect | Greg reveals how you can continue to follow him for me. [1:34:46]


One of the great innovations that have brought us so much good in the world is the strong distinction between speech and action.[19:10]

The project of human knowledge is to know the world as it is, and that means that if you dont know what people really think and why, youll never know youll never understand…” [24:26]

Freedom is supposed to be scary or youre not doing it right.[47:25]

The true spirit of liberty is that which is not too sure that it is right.[1:17:10]









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