Harpreet Rai

Track Your Sleep to Optimize Your Life

By March 21, 2019 Health Theory

This weeks guest on Health Theory is Harpreet Rai.  Harpreet is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Oura Ring.  In this episode he talks about how to improve your sleep through tracking, how sleep improves your focus and his tips for losing weight.


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Why sleep matters [01:21]

The importance of sleep for your overall health [02:09]

What happens when we don’t sleep enough [06:15]

How to balance your work life with getting enough sleep [08:08]

How our sleep is disrupted [11:28]

What happens during each phase of sleep [14:32]

Lifestyle tips to improve your sleep [18:10]

How to use sleep tracking to determine the best workout for you each day [24:16]

The importance of deep sleep [27:04]

How diet changes your sleep quality [29:12]

Why you want high heart rate variability [30:36]

Can meditation improve your heart rate variability? [32:59]

The reason it’s hard to track naps [35:44]

The future of wearables and data tracking [37:23]

What health markers people should track [43:58]

The best exercise for sleep [47:23]

How athletes use sleep and hyperbaric chambers to improve recover [49:04]



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