Heather Heying

Evolutionary Biologist Reveals Why People Seek to Silence the Truth About Women and Men

The truths we once all agreed upon and held dearly may soon be lost to power-hungry, sometimes forceful, and always unrelenting culture war movements. Like a calm before the storm, our society may be on the brink of irreversible and incomprehensible consequences. All objective truth may soon be removed from society and be replaced with a post-modernist approach where truth simply cannot exist. Still, what is the truth? What is the undeniable evolutionary science behind men and women in todays society? On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Tom is joined by Evolutionary Biologist Heather Heying to discuss such matters and more as they explore todays society and the undeniable biological differences between men and women, how each sex has a unique and powerful role in societies, and why in todays modern age, culture wars has eroded trust in objective truth. They discuss todays social movements and the harmful consequences of letting them go too far, the differences between men and women in society, how hunter-gatherer societies may be key to understanding our roles, the origin of men and women being divided in society by role and purpose, the dangers we face if we continue to deny our differences, why the culture war movements are power hungry, how to have a successful workplace environment and team, and the risks we face as a society if we overprotect our children and refuse to let them take risks and make their own decisions.


Controversy | Heather reveals why talking about the sexes is now a hot button issue. [0:18]

Better? | Heather discusses if its really better to be a male in todays modern society. [4:55]

Hierarchy | Heather discusses the social hierarchy of males and females. [9:20]

Strategies | Heather reveals if todays social movements are simply giant chess games. [12:23]

Hunter-Gatherer | Heather reveals what males and females inherently gravitate towards in a hunter-gatherer society. [19:53]

Gendered | Heather reveals why cultures divide and label roles as being male or female. [27:18]

Mixing | Heather discusses the challenging dynamics present in groups that mix sexes. [30:20]

Useful | Heather discusses the productive friction between how the sexes work together. [37:41]

Denial | Heather shares the dangers of denying the differences between the sexes. [46:31]

Erode | Heather reveals the tools used today to erode the power of others with society. [52:52]

Teams | Heather and Tom discuss team dynamics, gender roles, and why all that matters is being able to get it done. [58:08]

Choices | Heather discusses if certain traits, choices, or passions are actually better.[1:07:09]

Fulfillment | Heather shares the fulfillment she feels from presenting challenging and intellectual discussions with diverse groups of people from all walks of life. [1:09:55]

Parenting | Heather reveals the consequences of sheltering children from problems. [1:15:36]

Risks | Heather reveals the rules she has for her kids so they take on risks. [1:23:58]

Locked Down | Heather discusses the consequences of limiting our movement. [1:30:21]

Getting Better | Heather reveals why you must expose your ideas to feedback. [1:35:20]

Seeking Truth | Heather discusses the fragile echo-chamber of modern day science and academics. [1:41:43]

Self-Corrosive | Heather discusses the self-destructive consequences of culture wars full on assault on objective logic. [1:47:30]

Power Hungry | Heather discusses how todays culture wars are simply just a matter of power grabbing. [1:53:50]

Narrative | Heather discusses her passion for literature and writing science fiction. [2:00:37]

Closing | Tom closes todays episode and shares where you can continue to follow Heathers work and teachings. [2:07:27]


“…is it true that an entirely male power structure has a tendency to go off the rails in a particular way in which were well familiar from like all of history? Yeah, of course, right? Would an all-female power structure go off the rails in a particular way that were less familiar with from history? A hundred-percent. I dont want to see that anymore than I want to see, you know, another World War II…” [15:30]

“…what you said earlier is just exactly right and Ive never heard anyone say it before which is that when you have been on all-male teams, its easier, and when you have been on mixed-sex teams, its more productive and I just, you know, so hope that that anecdote holds across everything. Its what Im sort of banking on…” [57:23]

The thing is, yes we get less flexible as we age, for sure. Our brains get less plastic, we get more, you know, canalized into our particular ways of thinking but continuing to expose ourselves to more and more experiences that are different from anything we imagined is how to keep that flexibility…” [1:29:20]


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