Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank on Becoming a Beast Competitor in Work and Life

Strength, drive, and perseverance. How do we awaken these traits within us, ignite them to the fullest, and use them as a driving force towards reaching our goals? Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank joins Tom Bilyeu on this episode of Impact Theory to discuss such questions and how each of us has the ability to persevere past hurdles in life, smash through walls, and reach new horizons. She shares what drives her work ethic that some describe as ‘legendary,’ the power of belief and a competitive mindset, why you should always be aiming, how the sharp edges of life shape us, how to overcome and master the mind, and where self-identity comes from.

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Legendary Work Ethic | Hilary shares how sports instilled a drive and ability to persevere. [0:53]

Believe It | Hilary shares how her mom pushed her to work for what she wanted. [4:22]

Competitive | Hilary shares the positives of taking on a competitive mindset. [6:12]

From 0 to 1 |  Hilary discusses the constant state of reinventing oneself. [10:13]

Keep Aiming | “You always aim for the bullseye, but you don’t always hit it.” – Clint Eastwood [13:48]

Step Into the Sharp Edges | Hilary discusses why you should always be doing things that scare you. [15:51]

Compassion | Hilary shares her story that led to the creation of The Hilaroo Foundation. [19:48]

Purpose | Hilary discusses why ‘empowering the underdog’ is her passion. [22:43]

Overcoming the Mind | Hilary shares her insane transformation during ‘Million Dollar Baby.’ [24:28]

Reach Out & Trust Others | Hilary shares how she overcame claustrophobia. [27:41]

Prepare | Hilary discusses the ‘secret sauce’ to preparing for a role. [33:08]

Horizons | Hilary discusses what’s next for her career. [36:06]

Identity | Hilary talks about what defines her and how it goes far beyond just winning Academy Awards. [40:02]

A Second Act | Hilary shares her goals now that she’s back in the creative game. [45:20]

On Point | Tom shares praise for Hilary and how you can continue to follow her. [48:38]



“Our biggest competitor is really ourselves.” [5:51]

“And so that is super important to be competitive with other people because they’re the ones that push us out of our comfort zone that we didn’t even know we were living in.” [8:15]

“I have this motto. Make a choice, make it happen, and work everyday towards whatever that goal is. Step into the sharp edges, do something that scares you, don’t pull away and don’t overthink.”  [15:51]

“This is what I love about acting; it’s that I get this opportunity to see how every human being has a similar quality, but then they have this thing that makes them different. We all have our unique story.” [34:03]



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