How to Manage Self-Doubting Habits Q&A

How to Manage Your Self-Doubting Habits | Women of Impact Q&A

By February 3, 2021 Women of Impact

Do you struggle with self doubt and a habit of putting yourself down right as youre getting started on a new path? Do you tell yourself things like Im not good enough,” “Ill never meet their expectations,or Whats the point of even trying?Its time to silence that negative inner voice for good and start walking on a path towards empowerment, encouragement, and letting your true self shine. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu answers your questions about how to overcome these negative inner voices and stomp out self rejection and doubt. She discusses how to own your true self, why you need to speak to yourself with encouraging language, how to not let others dictate your decisions, how to start valuing yourself, and how to set expectations that serve you in life.


Intro | Lisa opens todays episode about overcoming self doubt and self rejection. [0:20]

Being You | Lisa reveals how to block out your self doubt and own your true self. [1:09]

Build Yourself Up | Lisa reveals the power of using encouraging language with yourself. [7:16]

Keep Showing Up | Lisa shares how to stop others from dictating your decisions. [11:22]

Youre Valuable | Lisa reveals the importance of building a foundation of valuing yourself. [19:15]

Expectations | Lisa reveals how to have expectations that serve you in life. [26:36]


So, be the student, dont worry about all the failures or the mistakes youre going to make thats part of the process. So you want to know the language I use, Its part of the process, Im a student.”” [11:08]

Its not about whether you care or not, its about whether you act or if you freeze. Thats what matters.[13:14]

“…eventually start showing people, start taking action, show what youre made of, and who you are, and who youve decided to bebut first it comes to decide who you want to be.’” [17:24]






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