Immune System Clip Show

Health Experts Show You How to Protect Your Immune System

By March 26, 2020 Health Theory

Right now, as the novel coronavirus spreads rapidly and makes headlines, it is a great time to think about your immune system. This special clip episode of Health Theory brings together some of the finest minds in functional medicine to discuss the immune system with host Tom Bilyeu. Naveen Jain, Steven Gundry, Rangan Chatterjee, Jillian Teta, Mark Hyman and Jolene Brighten explain what exactly the immune system is, how to level it up, and what we should eat for maximum immune health. 



Dr. Steven Gundry says that if you want to cure disease, head to the gut [0:37]

Naveen Jain explains how the immune system is based in the gut’s microbiome [2:36]

Rangan Chatterjee illuminates the connection between your gut, diet and immune system [6:35]

Jillian Teta describes the incredible diversity of gut bacteria [9:56]

Dr. Mark Hyman explains that all food is information [13:44]

Mark shares a list of recommended foods to improve immune system functioning [15:06]

Many processed foods are even worse for you than table sugar [16:54]

Dr. Jolene Brighten explains why processed foods and sugar are so inflammatory [19:45] 

Jolene recommends the best way to get healthy fats and protein [23:04]



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